For years before I became a parent I would be one of those castigating men…”the men of today…”

Now that I am a parent I have come to learn the role a ‘Present Dad’ plays. How is a boy supposed to behave if he had no example to learn from. How is a boy to know his place; how to treat a woman; how to earn a living; if he did not witness his father at home each day after work, helping and loving his mother.

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Some father may use the excuse that ‘mummy’ is unbearable to live with…well is ‘mummy’ unbearable when you offer to pay fees, buy food and take the children out for the weekend bonding, whilst she rests and hangs out with her friends.

Do not smirk, as I know there are extreme cases; well that is why we have the law; a child will know you tried and made an effort for their sake and welfare, as coming back when they are adults is counterproductive.

Just my two cents.