As a first time parent one is always constantly receiving helpful tips from friends, relatives, midwives, doctors even strangers as to how and what to feed your little one.

Breastfeeding to weaning…everyone has an opinion.

So when your child hits the weaning milestone you are armed and ready with various options on how to deal…and then you are told your dear one is anemic …you become crestfallen as every time you get the new colorful feeding bowl and make the baby food that many recommended you start weaning with; all you get are tears and refusals to feed.

Many of you reading this can remember or are going through the constant feeding battles with your children as you try to get them to not only eat healthy but eat enough, so they can grow to be big and strong.

I have come to the realize that at times you have to shut out all the ‘Noise’, and calmly follow your child’s rhythm and you will be able to get to know what he or she likes to eat and find a creative way to sneak in the green veggies, because at the end of the day ‘You Know your child best’.


Below is a list of healthy options you may try…please not this worked for me and my son and may not work for you…but it may give you an idea to try with other ingredients that your child likes:


Porridge made with a little butter/margarine. At times I may add a little milk, or orange juice(2 teas spoons or so) and a little sweetener(optional)


Weetabix or Cornflakes Cereal with milk. Here instead of adding sweeteners, try a banana or strawberries



I Put 2 green bananas or 2 potatoes and or Pumpkin to boil. It depends on the size of meal. Then I add a little oil, cut up onions, 1 tomato, 1 garlic clove and a little salt and let it all boil together until the vegetables are soft. You can add some coriander for taste and a spinach leaf or 2.

This recipe can also work for other easily available superfood or veggie that you may make for your little one. After it has boiled and is soft, mash or puree depending on the child’s age.

Spaghetti is also another option served with a little sauce and some chicken strips or sausage pieces. It works as they can pick so they think its part of sensory play.



When travelling with the little ones or just playing in the garden cutting up fruits like apples is a great idea. Apples can be slightly boiled and pureed for baby but once the teeth appear, they are thankful to quietly gnaw and drool on crunchy apple. Other option is carrot sticks that you can soften with a little butter in a pan. Cucumber sticks and watermelon pieces works too as they sit in the playpen or outside on playmat.

Yoghurt and fruit has worked for us very well especially during a tantrum…it is my go to quieter and is healthier than soda or candy or cookies that we often use to cajole our toddlers.

I would love to hear from you with your go to foods for your picky eater, and remember if one option does not work try something else and keep it creative as when you give them the same food everyday that they like, they will refuse it again. Change it up as just like you, picky eaters get bored fast.

Apart from menu changes, it helps to incorporate fun into feeding your little ones by singing or make a game of it.

Diary of an imperfect mum