As Fathers day approaches there are all these ads full of gifts and activities on how children and their fathers can share and mark the day.

It is not all rosy fun and festivities around the world for all, as some fathers will not spend the time or receive gifts from their children because, you decided to walk away and not look back, or you will be away chasing that extra income or in your home Fathers day is just another day…nothing special.

In your defence you will justify your absence with the fact that I had to move on from the gold digger…meaning your #babymama…and so on.

For some fathers he says well I provide for my children and it needs me to work hard and make a living so let their mother stay at home and do the heavy lifting alone.8

Another father says I love my child and that is how I was brought up…as they throw punches in the name of discipline.

Then we have the fathers who love giving advice even if it is shrouded in negativity and disapprovals because they know best and their word is final…with no care of the emotional scars.

Fast forward if you live to be an old man will you be able to sit back and enjoy your family because you were a great dad? Will your legacy live on through your children because of the morals and values you instilled in them? Or will your twilight years be full of regret and loneliness because those who should be around you are broken and not able to be of use?

I end by asking what does fatherhood mean to you and are you a ‘Present’ father.

Fatherhood254 would love to hear from you about your Fatherhood experiences. Feel free to share or ask questions or nominate a ‘Present Father’. Remember we are not here to break but build a Fatherhood community as we support each other.


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