Meet 38 year old Eddie who in his own words is a “…self employed realtor, divorced dad to a 6 year old boy.”

To many fans he is their actor friend. To his friends he is the caring friend that checks up on you and wishes you a ‘Blessed month’ even if those close to you forgot. To his online community his posts make our lives more bearable as he is always sure to post a witty post daily or a controversial one that will have us commenting like experts. To me he is a former campus mate who inspires my parenting journey.

One would think that with that background he would shy away from sharing his story with @Fatherhood254 but to be honest he granted me an interview even before my blog went live.

Eddie became a father in November 2009 and for him he became more open with his emotions.  “Children are your blood so investing in love is much easier than with someone who you’re not related to, a girlfriend/spouse/partner. You love wholly because you know they are a part of you, always.”

Eddie’s parenting style: All it takes is Love. Love takes precedent over everything and is amalgamated into everything: discipline with love, teach with love, love with love, patience with love, lay down rules with love etc.
On discipline: It is very important, especially from a young age; as teaching your child to think for themselves in your absence by making the right decision. The best discipline comes from your child watching you. They are very visual and if you say one thing as you do the opposite then confusion blocks comprehension. A parent ought to be the example they want their child to be.

Curious on Eddie’s take on Technology, considering that he has a very active social media page. Technology has become a major part of our day to day life. Growing up our social media was the television, which went on 4pm and letter writing. We need to educate our children on the correct use of social media and take the necessary precautions…which require openness about the dangers and hazards. No sugarcoating, just the plain truth. Control is better than consequences.

Like many parents around the world Eddie gets stuck once in a while and ‘it does take a village’ so he admitted that he often turns to Google as one gets collective opinions, coupled with his own experiences. Eddie went on to add that no one person knows everything, so getting various perspectives as well as personal experiences allows for a much broader perspective to parental challenges.

As for what he wishes he knew before becoming a father, Eddie said that you have no life after your child begins walking. They are so tiny yet take up so much of your life, and you must be prepared to surrender some ‘me time’ for them.

As I wound up the interview Eddie shared about potty training. It came with many hilarious scenarios because his son refused the potty completely and wanted to use the toilet like a grown up. So his potty became a hat, a toy, a chair and a shoe at one point. It was never once used for the core purpose.

As I end this post, I am sure you have a smile and that is because despite Eddie’s divorce and custody drama, he has found a positive way of living and being a ‘Present Father’ and shares with others his fatherhood journey. For now he makes time to visit his son and plays an active role in his upbringing.

It is my hope that this inspires another ‘Present Father’.


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