Like all 22 months old toddlers sitting down still is not an option for my son Heri. Right now Nairobi is drizzling and a bit chilly…not winter…but for us it is freezing and I was worried as Heri has been catching colds on and off so had been thinking of a way to keep him warm as he has a habit of running off without his shoes or removes his socks as he plays.

So imagine our by the way popping in on Kushona Kreations crochet training session yielded an answer as Heri got himself a pair of booties that are light and fluffy and able to double as house shoes…once silicone is put on bottom to make them non slip…the cold floor tiles are no longer a worry as he toddles from room to room with his vroooom…toy car.

Kushona Kreations is the brainchild of Hilda whose crochet passion led her to start her own craft making business of making custom crochet creations for your little ones on order. At times I know you may be torn as you decide what to gift your friends with children or co workers having a baby shower.

Hilda is also a very active member of Crochet Kenya which is a community based organisation that impacts lives of Cancer patients by donating chemo caps and other crocheted items to keep them warm on their path towards healing.

Well crochet baby items are all the rage now as one is able to get unique products that will last and are pocket friendly. They also come in lovely colours so no need to worry that your gift will be old-fashioned.

One is also able to order hypoallergenic yarn to be used. This way the child using the item is protected in case of allergy.

I know you wondering does that mean I will be buying hats, booties and sweaters like the ones our grannies used to send us, that we only wore when they were around. You are wrong as you can see below Kushona Kreations have an array so the choice is yours.

As for Heri and I, we are ordering a second pair of house shoes for him as he loves getting around on them so we need another for when they are in the wash. Did I tell you they were easier to handwash than his stained socks…I also need a pair for myself.