Nurturing the Mind, Body and Heart

Long time ago when people had children, you always had a relative or two around to help out with babysitting and chores and at no extra cost. With time as family dynamics changed, they had the option of hiring a nanny and or a full time house-help to help around the house and look after the children whilst mummy and daddy go to work.

For some families childcare has become a challenge as parents strive for a simple solution to their children staying safe when they are at work. Tired of dealing with the errant and sometimes unreliable house-helps, Day cares have come to their rescue.

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Inspire Kids Nursery School is one such safe haven for your little ones if you are in the neighbouring area of Ongata Rongai, Nairobi. Inspire Kids prides itself in Nurturing the Mind, Body and Heart.

It is a preschool for children ages 1-6, and has daycare, playgroup, nursery and pre –unit sections. Their approach to learning is simple: Let kids be kids, harness their natural curiosity, abilities and interests to deliver the curriculum in a fun and engaging way.

I caught up with the director of Inspire Kids, Lucy Mugoya and she was quick to point out that every child is unique and that they use different learning techniques to ensure each child is able to grasp and understand at their own pace and style. Lucy went on to add that they provide a nurturing and stimulating indoor and outdoor environment that encourages the children to explore their surroundings and discover new things.

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As you walk around Inspire Kids one is drawn by the child friendly spaces that are designed with them in mind ensuring accessibility with the aim of encouraging independence and a sense of pride as they accomplish little tasks.

The Art, craft and music activities that the children take part in stress on process over product. For some age groups, the craft may look messy but a lot of learning has taken place in the process of making it.

Inspire Kids is also keen on imparting good manners and etiquette. The children are taught and encouraged to use words such as ”Please, Thank you, sorry, Excuse me” in their interactions and it is rewarded with lots of praise.

One may wonder how their child’s day will look like once they are dropped off at daycare, and it always results in numerous calls to the caretakers and days full of worry. At Inspire Kids, mornings begin with free choice activities for the children such as drawing, colouring, puzzles, building blocks and legos.

Once everyone has arrived, they settle down to circle time and listen to a bible story or fable and sing songs thereafter. The children then break away into their various classes for age appropriate activities. Co-curricular activities such as Gardening, Swimming, Dance, French, Music and Tae-Kwon-Do are also available for the children.

As you are reading this, you may be wondering if Daycare is an option for you, especially if you have small children and are always at wits end to find a sitter. It is important that before you settle on a day care for your child, you do your research and visit as many as you can so that you can know what is on offer and decide the one that suits you, and most importantly your child. Do not fear to ask questions, as nothing is unnecessary when it comes to your child’s safety and well-being.

So next time when dad is left alone with the children and you have a meeting and no one to babysit, remember Day care is an option. Be sure that your child is left in a safe place, and always trust your parenting instinct.

For more information if in Nairobi on Inspire Kids Nursery School feel free to contact them on contacts below.

Telephone contact: +254716 173847


Facebook: Inspire Kids Nursery School

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