Going to work is a necessity for many. Few can say they are going to work because they enjoy what they do.

If you are a parent going to work is mainly fueled by the need to provide for your children. If you ask most parents, they would want to sleep in once in a while and spend the day running around with their children and not be at the beck and call of the boss.

For Stay at home parents; they will trade you the working parent a day that they can mix with grownups and not have to wipe another spill or hear a high pitched cry.

But for both of these parents, weather they are working or staying at home, top of their minds is always their child’s safety and needs to be met.

At any time when a parent feels that either is threatened, they are not able to be comfortable or able to focus on any matter needing their attention.

God forbid as when something does happen, one is filled with guilt that can take a toll even on their partners, relationships and the career you had been trying to hold on to.

Such guilt is what consumed me recently when I arrived home from work to be told my son was unwell. Looking at him he was wheezing badly and I felt helpless.

As we rushed him to hospital, I ran many scenarios in my head but later calmed down knowing I had left him in safe hands and even if I had been home, the result would have been the same.


Going to work, is always a tough decision for new parents, but necessary especially for single parent homes, as one is the sole provider for their child.

As a society, we need to be more aware of this and support such parents as they pull double duty.

I like the fact that some employers like Safaricom have put a daycare in house. I know not all employers can afford such a fete, but they can have other incentives such as paid paternity leave for dads, flexi time, medical insurance, and even family days so that fathers with children do not feel at a disadvantage.

I would like to hear from you working fathers and mums and how you balance family life and your career. Feel free to email me on fatherhood254@gmail.com and let us share.