“Every day is a learning experience; live it, love it and grow together!”

To many of his fans, he is DJ Mista Dru, but what many people do not know is that 34 year old Andrew Siro became a father in March 2016.

The presence of 5 month old Liam Kiage in Andrew’s life, can be seen in his new demeanor, social media updates and even the way in which he carries himself during business meetings and events.


I say this with admiration of a friend who I have seen grow and mature and I just had to reach out to share his story as he seems to have made the transition seemlessly and minus the drama and fanfare that is the norm with our celebrities.

The pregnancy experience for Andrew and his partner was mostly AWESOME! But there were some trying times. In his words, “…it’s a journey that really makes you appreciate the strength of a woman.”

He goes on to add that, “You end up realizing that life is no longer about you and adjustments that you previously wouldn’t dream of doing, actually end up happening and you embrace them so willingly, you wonder why you didn’t do them in the first place.”

For Andrew, “…everything changes! And the weirdest thing is that you’re no longer known as ‘that guy’ or with your government names; you become ‘baba nani’ – nani being the name of your child’ (Swahili term meaning ‘Father to…). It’s also a constant reminder of how you’ve moved from one stage to another, and how this big change (having a child) is also a big reward!”

Andrew’s tip to fellow new dads when dealing with newborns is that bringing a new life into this world is indeed a journey; enjoy the ride! It’s COMPLETELY worth it.

His next important tip to note is that: “Sleeping patterns for everyone really take on a new twist! But honestly, I’ve gotten to learn that there is no template or marking scheme to parenting; everything you do both consciously and subconsciously is all geared to being the best you can to be as parents. Plus I’ve learned that it’s OK to make mistakes here and there as this is a learning curve for us so I really am glad that besides my shortcomings, my partner is very supportive of me and doesn’t bite my head off!”


When speaking of his partner, one can’t remain oblivious to the respect and love he has for her as he shares that they share a similar approach providing Liam with loads of love and encouragement to see him meet the milestones he is supposed to as an infant. They also have a unique method of talking to him when his cheeky side comes out as they intend for this to form a major part of ensuring that he learns right from wrong early. So let’s just say they’re more on the authoritative scale in their parenting style!

For Andrew, the role of a father in a child’s life,”… is quintessential. No doubt about it. Anyone can be a father, but not everyone can be a dad – there’s a big difference between the two!”

Apart from being a father, Andrew works for Radio Africa Group and has a number of projects under his belt that keep him busy and is first to admit that balancing work and family is not the easiest juggle due to his crazy hours all through, but he is quick to point out that his family is his first priority and that he always ensures that they spend quality time together. Thus it is no wonder that when Father’s Day came he opted to spend the day bonding with his son and amazing partner.

Being a celebrity parent anywhere in the world is always coupled with some attention. For Andrew he says that they have received a lot of support from friends and fans so they’ve had it pretty smooth. Andrew also thanks God for the support and respect of privacy they’ve received from everyone, as we have seen even in Kenya that it is not always the case.

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I wanted to know his take as a new parent and media personality, his thoughts on children and social media:

“Hmm, that’s a long conversation to have. To summarize, I believe that kids can be allowed limited access to social media on two conditions; one – as long as they are above 8 years of age and two – as long as their accounts are monitored by both parents.”

When stuck and need help on parenting Andrew and his partner have had an amazing support system from both their families – especially their parents. They also credit the Waithaka’s – their son’s super cool Godparents, whom they refer to us a blessing, as they’ve been guiding and helping them from the get go!

As we wind up the interview Andrew tells Fathers that every day is a learning experience; live it, love it and grow together!