Being a working parent is never easy as at times you can be distracted by your little ones especially when you have a sick child back home.

Please note this is not a sponsored post but based on my own personal experience.

I think it is every working parent’s nightmare to get the dreaded call whilst at work that you need to rush home or to the hospital as they are in bad shape or worse admitted.

What is gut wrenching is when such calls comes with huge bills and it is the middle of the month, you are broke, have no medical cover, your savings had ran dry last month as you had another emergency and your workplace has no medical cover.

This can be worse for single parents with no partner or family to help financially and no other income coming in.

It does not matter whether you are in US, Africa or Australia. Medical emergencies are always an emotional and financial drain but it can be softened or cushioned by planning early and getting a medical cover to suit your needs for you and your family.

My son could be looked after the past two years because his father put him on his medical cover for work. At times before you negotiate for that salary and make a move enquire if the company has medical and if not ask if they are willing to pay you higher so that you can get one on your own.

Not all companies will provide this, so it is up to you to take the initiative and shop around for an affordable cover for you and your children. Do not be afraid as nowadays you can pay in installments or monthly. There are plans to suit each pocket.

The key is to be very honest with your insurer and do not deal with middlemen.

Try and go direct and ask all the questions so that when it comes time to claim you are prepared and armed with the right cover and information.

Always read the fine print and feel free to go online on parenting forums and ask other parents which covers are reliable and affordable.

I would love to hear from you reading this if you have any questions and or experiences to share so we can all wise up and lighten the load.